Facilities and Equipment

Planet Blue is located in the ex-VELPEX factory facilities at street Fokionos Negri 12, Lavrio, 19500.



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Our facilities, located just by the sea, are surrounded by palm and olive trees.  
For the convenience and safety of our customers we offer:
Private, shaded parking places, provided free of charge
Spacious air conditioned classrooms equipped with all the necessary  teaching aids (projectors, PCs, DVD players, Wi-Fi internet, etc.)
Scuba diving equipment made by the world major manufacturers, certified according the EN standards, suitable for recreational and technical scuba diving.
PARAMINA air compressors capable of filling scuba tanks up to 300 bars. These are located in a separate air-conditioned space.
Continuous blending fully automated Nitrox – Trimix blending system. Our certified gas blenders can provide any gas mixture of Nitrox – Trimix – Heliox you specify.
4 separate Oxygen and Helium analyzers for the analysis of any gas mixture used in diving. We can also analyse gases for CO, CO2, water and oil vapours.
3 diving boats for the safe and comfortable transportation of divers to the dive sites.
First Aid station equipped with decompression chamber, Doppler bubbles monitoring device, emergency Oxygen kits and first aid kits. All instructors and divemasters are trained in the provision of First Aid and attend seminars presented by hyperberbaric physicians (M.Ds) for our staff.
 A special space for rinsing and drying your scuba equipment is provided.